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Expert Commercial Cooking Appliance & Other Kitchen Equipment Repairs & Other Services in Austin, TX & Surrounding Areas

At Appliance Force LLC we understand that a broken or improperly working commercial appliance or cooking equipment can raise food safety concerns and cripple your business. That is what our team of experts is always available and ready to assist you with all your commercial appliance service and repair needs in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

Let Appliance Force LLC help you eliminate downtime, reduce waste and energy usage and improve the bottom line of your business or restaurant with our professional commercial kitchen cooking equipment and appliance repair and other services. We install, repair and maintain all brands of commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment and appliances in Austin, TX and areas.

Since inception, we have handled many kitchen equipment repair jobs for commercial customers throughout Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Whether you need professional cooking appliance repair, baking equipment repair, beverage equipment repair, warewash or prep equipment repair in Austin, TX, Appliance Force LLC has all your needs covered. Our team of expert technicians is certified and highly experienced to work on wide variety restaurant appliances and kitchen equipment.


✔  Over 30 Years of Professional Experience
✔  Fully Insured & Trusted Service Company in Austin, TX & Surrounding Areas
✔  Specializes in Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Cooking Equipment & Appliances
✔  Fast, Reliable & Honest Repair Services
✔  24/7 Commercial Appliance Repair Service
✔  Works for Top Companies & Commercial Clients in Austin, TX & Areas
✔  Manufacturer/Factory Certifications
✔  Team of Highly Factory Trained, Certified & Experienced Technicians
✔  Competitive Prices
✔  Repair Service for All Commercial Kitchen Appliance Brands, Makes & Models


From kitchen equipment repair service to preventive maintenance and installation services, Appliance Force LLC can do it all for you. Our goal is to ensure that your commercial kitchen equipment and appliances are maintained for premium performance levels.

  1. commercial kitchen appliance repair service in Austin TX
    Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Service
    We repair all brands, makes, and models; baking, cooking and prep equipment .
  2. Preventive Maintenance Service
    Preventive Maintenance Service
    We offer preventive maintenance to reduce unnecessary machine failures during increased usage or when you need them most. Our program is extremely flexible and can be customized to fit your needs because as we know all kitchens are different in multiple ways. The PM include three steps that are universal. The tech will first make sure there are no safety issues around or with the equipment. The tech will then make sure all the components are operating properly and not worn and on the way to failure. The third check includes any calibrations and adjustments necessary to get the equipment to peak working condition. If a problem is found in any of the areas mentioned and no parts are needed the tech will correct the issue and make notes on the PM sheet. If parts are needed the tech will make out an estimate right away and give it to the customer. The estimate will include parts and labor with no trip charge. The customer will have 5 business days to make a decision. After 5 days a trip charge will be added to the estimate if or when it gets approved. 
  3. Commercial Kitchen Appliance Installations & Upgrades
    Commercial Kitchen Appliance Installations & Upgrades
    We will insure that you have the proper utilities (water, gas, electrical and ventilation) for the the equipment to be installed. And we can install your equipment (new or used) whether it was purchased from us or not. If a unit needs to be replaced and a new unit put in its place. We can  remove, take away and recycle the old unit.
  4. Title 7
    Title 7





Factory Trained

Factory Certified

Premium Service

Competitive Prices

cooking appliance repair in Austin TX


With over 30 years of experience working for top Companies and being self employed in the Appliance Repair Industry, Christopher Allen, Founder, Owner and Master Technician has worked for companies including: General Electric, Hobart, Fox, Pepsi Co. (Master Tech), Ecolab,  Austaco (Taco Bell/Pizza Hut),  ACS and TeckRepair (owner).  He holds many Manufacturer/Factory Certifications and is trained and well versed on equipment, components, ​diagnostics, wire diagrams, schematics, food and equipment safety as well as P.P.E.
(personal protective equipment) and lock out tag out.

Who We Are

commercial kitchen equipment repair service in Austin TX
cooking appliance repair service in Austin TX
We will meet or beat any reputable and well known competitor's price.



COOKING (gas or electric)

Convection Ovens 
Conveyor fryers (doughnut fryers)
Combi ovens
Pasta cookers
Conveyor ovens
Pizza ovens
Cheese Melters (Salamanders)
French fry warmers
Tilt skillets
Tilt kettles
Braising pans
Paninni Presses
Conveyor toasters
Tortilla machines
Tortilla conveyor machines
Rotisserie ovens
Popcorn machines

Hot dog rollers
Rice cookers
Warming/holding cabinets

BAKING (all brands)

Rack ovens
Rotary ovens
Bread ovens
Bread slicers
Dough rollers
Dough rounder machines
Dough cutters
Dough Separators

PREP EQUIPMENT (all brands)

Hand blenders
Food processors
Pasta machines (hand crank & elec)
Begal conveyors
Tomatoes slicers/Dicers
Lettuce spinners/Dryers
Potato peelers
Prep. Sinks

BEVERAGE (all brands)

Coffee brewers
Tea brewers
Whip dispensers          
Hot water machines

WAREWASH (all brands)

Conveyor dishwashers
Flight type dishwashers
Under counter Dishwashers
Door type
Glass washers
Pot scrubbers
Sink sprayers
Booster heaters
Water filtration systems


commercial kitchen appliance repair in Austin TX
 kitchen appliance repair Austin TX
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